Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about First Congregational Church

How long is your Sunday service?

Our services are about one hour long (and we promise not to bore you)!

Can I have my child baptized here if I'm not a church member?

Having one’s child baptized is a momentous and joyous occasion. It marks the child’s first step in life-long Christian discipleship, the parents’ commitment to model the Christian life for their child, and the congregation’s promise to accompany the whole family on this journey.
At First Congregational Church, we understand baptism to be about initiation in the family of Jesus Christ and into the common life of this particular Christian community. As such, we ask all non-member families to meet with the Senior Minister to discuss the baptism and to attend at least two different worship services before seeking to be placed on the schedule. Baptism is offered on the third Sunday of each month.
If you are interested in more information or wish to begin the process, please contact Christine Blois in the Church Office; 203-272-5323, Ext. 8.

What should I expect at First Church?

Expect to be inspired and challenged. Expect to be moved. Expect to be reminded that you are a wonderful creation of God. Expect to learn about Jesus. Expect to be leave feeling better than when you came!

Where do I park? Is the building accessible?

Most of the parking is behind the church (an entrance off of Cornwall Avenue), though you are also welcome to park in the front on Church Drive. We have a large parking lot with ample spaces designated for people with disabilities or exceptional mobility needs. Most of our church building is accessible. The Sanctuary, Chapel, Parlor, Church Offices, Library and Parish Hall are all wheelchair accessible via ramps. The gender-neutral restrooms in the Parish Hall are ADA compliant. Unfortunately, most of our Church School classrooms are not easily accessible, but if we know you’re coming, we’ll do our best to make you welcome!

My family is not necessarily defined as traditional. Is that a problem?

We have single people, divorced, married, partnered, women, men, gay, straight. We have those whose family members are of different faiths, or no faith at all. We have children and adults. We practice a generous understanding of the Christian faith, where each and all are welcomed to the table of grace!

I have never read the Bible. Will I be lost?

It’s doubtful that you will be lost. Most people have not read the Bible from cover to cover. While our sermons, liturgy, and hymns are firmly rooted in Scripture, we work to create a “user friendly” worship service; one in which Scripture is mixed generously with common sense, human experience, and current events. And here is something important to know about us and the Bible: we take it too seriously to always take it literally.

How should I dress?

This is such a great question and one that people are often reluctant to ask! Some people will be in a dress or coat and tie. Some will wear jeans or shorts. Some people have ironed their clothes and others have never ironed anything in their lives. In other words, wear what makes you comfortable. Our greatest joy is that you show up. How you look when you show up is up to you!

How can I become a member of the church?

Are you considering membership here at First Church? Do you want to know more about our congregation and our ministry and mission?
We hold new membership orientation twice a year, October and March. Please contact the church office at (203) 272-5323 x8 with any questions or to register.

I would like to be married in your church. Who should I contact?

Information available soon.

Are children welcome in worship?

Absolutely. Jesus himself said: “Let the children come to me.” You’ll notice that many of our children leave the Sanctuary at a determined time in the liturgy. But others stay with their parents. It’s really up to you. We’re just happy to have the whole family here!

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